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Hatha Yoga

The practice of yoga and its related stuffs dates back to centuries. Still there are many countries and groups that claim the origin of yoga and if there can be an exact answer that can tell the very first founder which can be patented, that particular country or group will be the super power in the future. But the search to the origin can lead to nowhere. So it is impossible for any country or group to celebrate as its own.

Today the normal or simple practice of yoga that contains physical postures or asanas, pranayama or breathing techniques, mudras, chakras, etc... fall into the category called Hatha Yoga. Among the four major forms that were earlier discussed briefly, Hatha Yoga is the form that we as a world practice in our daily life and most commonly known to people all over the world.

The word “Hatha” in Sanskrit means “Force”. Its presence had been mentioned in 11th century, 1st century CE in Sanskrit Epics(Hinduism), Pali Canon(Buddhism) as a teaching to control body, mind and soul to attain good health, mental well being and if practiced in an utmost dedicated way, it can also show path to enlightenment.

There are so many people who practiced this in early ages like Dathatreya, Mastchiendra, Buddha Mahavir, Patanjali, etc...

Balancing eight limbs and eight chakras are the major aim of Hatha Yoga. Today the form of Hatha Yoga is available as

· Asana or Physical exercises

· Pranayama or breathing techniques

· Bandhas

· Mudras

· Shatkarmas

Today Hatha Yoga can be practiced and is practiced by all, irrespective of age, class, sex, caste and creed. It is not much of a religious practice now. Instead seen as science(meta physics). Name any yoga you can find on Global platforms be it on internet or universities or small gyms or personalized yoga training centers it ought to be Hatha Yoga.

Results and Benefits

One can experience drastical changes like enthusiasm, patience, balanced life, discipline, determination, sacrificing tendency, peace and knowledge on standard practice.

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