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Raja Yoga

The Sanskrit word “Raja” means “King” or “Superior” or “Chief”. Till sometime it was also known as Ashtanga Yoga, Royal Yoga, Royal Union, Sahaja Marg and Classical Yoga. As the name specifies, it is the chief of yoga or superior to other forms. But in the other contexts, it was also devised as a way of practicing lifestyle just like any other yoga.

Around 19th century, it came in to limelight when Swami Vivekananda gave a new retronym to this Raja Yoga by juxtaposing it with Patanjai Yoga Sutras, So what is available these days as Raja Yoga are mostly the Patanjali Yoga Sutras with hardly some difference in it.

There were so many systems that said Raja Yoga was the highest power of all yogas. It has got its source dating back to centuries where 11th and 12th century Shaiva literature “Amanasta” speaks high on it. Raja Yoga is a practice to attain the Royal and superior feeling within ourselves. It is the state of self contentment, peaceful mind and blissful state, hence reaching a Royal, Happy and most supreme power to life.

Discipline, self joy are more a part than result of this yoga. Hence it is considered the best.

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