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Streams Of Yoga

Everything in this world falls into a category, from the finest creature to the giant living being. We all are part of a system. By system we mean an organized method, with respect to time and place that eases our work of any kind. Systems, typology and methodology are here to help us simply our life. Yoga on the other hand helps balance one’s soul inside-out. But by the term Yoga, one cannot leverage its complete potential without some basic understandings. Yoga can be and is branched into several categories(Hundreds I would say).

But the origin and typology can be simply said using just four terms.

· Raja Yoga

· Hatha Yoga

· Bakthi Yoga

· Jnana Yoga

What is what?

Raja Yoga

Royal or Chief in Yoga that concentrates on one’s own self and the discipline of life.

Hatha Yoga

The routine of practicing physical postures – Asanas with breathing techniques to attain health and peace

Bakthi Yoga

Surrendering oneself to thee or “Brahma” or “one unique power” through love and devotion to attain self satisfied and merrier life

Jnana Yoga

The open and rational being to gain knowledge of all kind and to practice intellectual way of living that shoot over restricted circumstances at every level of life.

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