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Yoga for Immunity

Our immune system is a combination of Organs, Cells, Tissues and Proteins. They ought to fight whatever that comes in as a foreign being like viruses, bacteria, etc.. that cause infections or disease. Our immune system releases antibodies that stuck to antigens and kill them.

When a person usually suffers from deficiency of vitamin or minerals of any kind, it causes imbalance in the immune system and they do not work properly. These deficiencies may occur by birth or due to any recent medical condition or as an act of lifestyle changes. However, the imbalance will cause a long-term effect on your body by making it impossible for any medication to cure illness.

By taking in some food can strengthen the immune system. Diet being a part of building up immune system, one cannot expect a full boost up as food contains vitamins and minerals that gives effect on long term consumption and also it cannot help maintain the powers that are gained. Yoga and certain physical activities can help you get immune system maintain its strength and also helps in creating a hike in overall power to easily fight allergies or any kind of disease.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is the art of maintaining proper, breadth control and concentrating on the inner health. It creates an energy in and out of your body. Yoga involves simultaneous concentration on moving parts of body, breathing and also the positive vibes of feeling good. It shows immense improvements in organ health, tissues growth and protein development altogether and also give you a perfect balance in lifestyle.

How body reacts to yoga?

For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, the yoga, we practice has an effect to a particular part of the body. In turn, our body shows reaction to yoga by performing in the right way and also in addition to this they possess some self-healing power by which it gives special powers to the effect yoga gives us. There by we will have more enthusiastic immune system and also you will have happy hormones developed in your body that keeps you happy and energetic throughout the day. Hence the chance of getting infected is very less where we will never have to take efforts for cure as we will not be affected in first place.

Practice yoga, improve immune system, stay away from new deadly diseases.

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